10 Movie Myths That Can Get You Killed

It is possible to write a book about how famous superheroes survived in the most extreme of situations, for example, Robinson Crusoe and Rambo. But are all of the methods they used really safe and effective? Bright Side has watched a lot of movies and decided that you should know about the things you shouldn’t do, if you want to survive. Myth № 1: A cave is the perfect place… Read More »

22 Men Who Found a Weird Way to Solve a Problem

It is believed that men can solve any issue and that’s true. However, difficulties that men consider to be harsh sometimes require unordinary solutions, like a hat as a holder for a charging smartphone, a table tennis racket for controlling the traffic, and a roll of an adhesive tape to stop the destruction of a building — surprisingly, these solutions all work well. Bright Side admires the savvy and easy-going attitudes of these… Read More »

20 Photos Only the Wizards of Timing Could Take

Timing is key when taking a good photo. A good trick with lighting or a misplaced angle can make the unreal be, or at least look, more than real, making for a photo that’s even better than you expected. The best part is that you now have a crazy image that will last forever. Bright Side has collected images of some of the most perfectly timed photos for you… Read More »

20 Images That Will Instantly Hack Into Your Heart

Sometimes, even a plain old towel can evoke warm feelings because it was in your grandma’s home and she has kept it for you for the last 12 years. Today’s collection is like a melodrama, so be prepared for tears! At Bright Side, we couldn’t pass by these true-life stories that really touched our hearts. This veterinarian has an assistant dog to comfort the sick dog patients and let… Read More »

15 Everyday Foods We’re Eating All Wrong

If your favorite foods become too messy or just too complicated to eat, the problem might not really be the food… the problem might be you. You see, even something as simple as eating food can still be done wrong. In fact, there are all kinds of ways that most people eat food that only overcomplicates things or makes a bigger mess. Bright Side always looks for tips… Read More »

16 Celebrity Couples That We Totally Forgot Ever Existed

For Hollywood and music stars, there are few things that can be kept secret since paparazzi are everywhere spotting famous people’s private moments, especially when it comes to their love lives. However, some couples managed to stay slightly out of the limelight and we can hardly even remember they were ever together. At Bright Side, we want to refresh your memory by looking back at some couples… Read More »

9 Celebrities Who Are Not Afraid to Wear the Same Clothes in Public and We Admire Them

There is an opinion that showing up to official events wearing the same clothes twice is bad manners. If we followed this “rule,” either our wardrobes would be completely full of useless clothes or we would stop going to events. Celebrity stylists know how to look perfect, even wearing the same clothes several times. So, by studying the appearance of celebrities, we can learn some tips from them. We at Bright Side support the… Read More »

What Beauties of the 20th Century Would Look Like Today. Vivien Leigh Turned Out to Be Far More Gorgeous Than Angelina Jolie

The official poster for the 2017 Cannes Film Festival was probably the biggest scandal in the history of this prestigious competition. The photo showed a legendary actress from the previous century, Claudia Cardinale. But if you look at the original photo of the woman closely, you will notice that she is 2 sizes thinner on the poster. The Cannes Film Festival organizers thought that Claudia Cardinale… Read More »

20 Brilliant Homework Answers That Show Kids Have No Chill

When children are born, they are like blank canvases, ready to absorb everything this world has to offer. They aren’t aware yet of all the rules and conventions adults live their lives by. So everything that they experience is processed through their fledgling and naïve minds. Bright Side has found proof of children’s ingenuity in the answers to their homework assignments. Some of them are out… Read More »

15 People Who Know How to Handle Awkward Situations in the Most Hilarious Way

From greeting the wrong person to saying something out of place, we’ve all been there. Our life is filled with uncomfortable and awkward situations. It would be perfect to have a superpower to avoid them, but unfortunately, even heroes from Marvel Universe do not have this power. All we can do is to learn how to handle any embarrassing moment with grace. We at Bright Side applaud those among us who are able to stay as cool… Read More »