20 People Who Can Use Their Photos as DNA Test Results

Sometimes, you can see the similarity in appearance between relatives right away, and sometimes, it takes time. For example, the people from this compilation didn’t have the slightest idea how much they looked like their parents, grandfathers, or grandmothers until they found their photos when they were the same age. We at Bright Side looked through the photos of relatives who look… Read More »

19 Things That Can Only Happen on Your First Day at the Gym

Exercising is a great hobby but let’s face it, we’ve all been in an “I want to sleep on the treadmill” situation. People all over the internet share both their own and others’ ludicrous stories from their fitness lives exposing themselves in the most adorable ways. Bright Side is here for your entertainment which is why we’ve selected some of the most amusing gym moments that will make… Read More »

12 Movie Mistakes That Only Made Them Better

Sometimes, spontaneous moments work out so well that they outshine planned things. It frequently occurs when shooting a movie. Bright Side found 12 moments when the shooting went off course, but it only made the movies more interesting. 12. Guardians of the Galaxy — the sphere scene © Marvel Studios Inc. According to the director, Chris Pratt dropped the sphere with the Stone of Infinity not because it was… Read More »

20+ Misleading Photos That May Leave You Dazed and Confused

When we were kids, we loved finding familiar faces in the world around us. Luckily, not only children animate things. Adults can suddenly find a giraffe in a bowl or a frog in a cup of coffee too. Sometimes even a play of light and a shade can cheer us up and make our day. We hope your brain will enjoy the list of misleading photos that Bright Side has found for you. 1. “Jump into… Read More »

7 Popular Tourist Locations the World Has Lost Over the Last 5 Years

Just a few days ago a massive fire took over the pearl of gothic architecture, Notre-Dame de Paris. The images of the cathedral on fire spread in just a few moments, making the whole world shutter and whisper the words of solidarity with France. Notre-Dame has lived through wars and revolutions, but we couldn’t keep it safe in the 21st century. It’s sad, but we keep losing the… Read More »

20 Photos That Prove Living With Men Is Full of Surprises

The main focus of this compilation are men whose thinking is definitely out of the ordinary. They can easily turn an oven mitt into the Infinity Gauntlet, show what the right bouquet of flowers is supposed to look like, and present their wife with a pillow with her least favorite actor’s face on it. Bright Side will introduce you to the men whose outside-the-box thinking can’t… Read More »

15 Cases That Sound Completely Insane but Are Actually Real

History consists of a lot of different events, and some of them are so hilarious and weird that they resemble the plot of a movie or a cartoon. For example, in the 15th-19th centuries, Europeans bought mummies to make medicines out of them. 150 years ago, engineers literally raised Chicago together with all of its buildings and streets by a few feet. Bright Side was really surprised to know that some historical moments… Read More »

7 Anti-Wrinkle Exercises That Can Take Years Off Your Face

It’s a fact that face lifting exercises are superior to surgery. Surgery is costly and painful and doesn’t guarantee a good result in future. While with facial exercises you can lift your face by strengthening the whole structure. So let’s start face-building today and make an investment in ourselves! Bright Side is happy to share with you some simple, but very effective, face exercises. You will also find an example… Read More »

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

The fantasy story that completely changed the landscape for TV series for the entire world is coming to an end. And the closer we are to the final episode, the more theories there are about Game of Thrones. Most of them are simply not true. This article will tell you if the show has a main character, if there are 5 characters who you don’t need to worry about,… Read More »

What Celebs Looked Like Before Tinkering With Their Appearance

As you’ll surely agree, appearance is very important! Even more so when it comes to show business, where one tries to appeal to hundreds of thousands of people. As a result, a performer’s career often depends on his or her attractiveness. To improve on what nature has given them, and to look younger, celebrities alter their hair and the way they dress, go on strict diets, regularly visit cosmetologists, and at times, even resort to plastic… Read More »