15 Cases That Sound Completely Insane but Are Actually Real

By | May 11, 2019

History consists of a lot of different events, and some of them are so hilarious and weird that they resemble the plot of a movie or a cartoon. For example, in the 15th-19th centuries, Europeans bought mummies to make medicines out of them. 150 years ago, engineers literally raised Chicago together with all of its buildings and streets by a few feet.

Bright Side was really surprised to know that some historical moments that sound crazy, are actually true.

15. A baboon officially worked for the railroad.

In the 1880s, in South Africa, a baboon named Jack worked as an assistant together with James, a railroad signalman. James was a double leg amputee, so he taught the baboon to help him operate the railway signals under supervision.

At one time, passengers claimed that the station was operated by a monkey. An official investigation was initiated, but the authorities made sure that the baboon was qualified enough to become an official employee. His salary was 20 cents per day. In 9 years of work, Jack never made a single mistake.

14. In Egypt, it was really easy to buy a mummy.

In the 11th century, scientist and doctor Avicenna describes the treatment of some diseases with the help of mumijo. A person who translated his scientific works made a mistake and as a result, the translation said that mummies possessed healing properties. So in the 15th century, Egypt started selling embalmed corpses.

Europeans bought mummies, ground them into a powder and used this as medicine and as a brown dye. This didn’t go out of fashion until the beginning of the 20th century, when European mass media started busting myths about the curse of the pharaohs.

13. The world’s longest concert is playing now.

In 2001, at the former St. Burchard Church in Halberstadt, Germany, the organ version of a musical piece As Slow As Possible by John Cage started. The original version lasts for 20 minutes, but the composer’s followers decided to make it last for 639 years. Chords change every few years, and the piece is scheduled to conclude in 2640. ASLSP is considered to be the world’s longest concert in history.

12. A Japanese guerilla refused to surrender for 30 years as he thought World War II hadn’t ended.

In 1945, Japanese officer Hiroo Onoda who took part in WWII in the Philippine jungle received a message that the war was over. Onoda decided that it was the enemies’ propaganda and continued fighting the USA together with his 3 soldiers.

2 soldiers returned home, one was killed, and Hiroo Onoda stayed in the jungle for almost 30 years. In February 1974, he was found and surrendered to authorities. Though he had killed Philippine soldiers, the circumstances were taken into consideration, and Onoda avoided the death penalty and returned home.

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