13 Strange Bans From Around the World Even the Locals Don’t Understand

By | May 11, 2019

Before every trip we take, we always try to read some travel guides to learn more about the place we want to visit. But few people ever wonder what the local laws are. And they should because the things that seem completely normal and ordinary at home may be banned in other countries. For example, you’d better not wear slippers in Capri or dance in the street in Sweden.

Bright Side encourages you to be careful when you are abroad, so read about these strange laws and remember them.

1. Greece — computer games

In 2002, the Greek government prohibited playing computer games. This law actually led to the arrest of an internet cafe visitor because he played a game there. In the beginning, the minimal punishment was 3 months of jail and a fine of $5,000. The law was changed under the pressure of the European Union. So nobody will fine you for playing games at home but you still can’t do it in a cafe.

2. Iran — “western” hairstyles

A few years ago, the Iranian government prohibited some “western” haircuts, specifically ponytails and mohawks. The authorities even published a catalog with illustrations of haircuts you can get. Tattoos and shaving also became illegal because a beard for a Muslim man is sacred.

3. Malasia — yellow clothes

If you wear yellow clothes in Malasia, be ready to pay a fine of $1,185. After protesters who wore yellow T-shirts and wanted the election system to be fair, the Minister of the Interior prohibited wearing yellow clothes.

4. France — ketchup in school cafeterias

The French government decided to limit using ketchup in cafeterias. This way, the authorities are trying to promote healthy food and traditions of French cuisine. Cafeterias have the right to serve the sauce only with French fries and only once a week. Aside from that, schools are supposed to increase the number of vegetables on the menu and reduce the amount of fat in the food.

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