7 World-Changing Women History Books Don’t Tell You About

In April of 2019, Dr. Katie Bouman from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology produced the first-ever image of a black hole and had the whole world talking about the role of women in history. It sounds sad, but for centuries, many discoveries and inventions made by women had been ignored by history books and remained overshadowed by men’s breakthroughs. According to historian Dr. Bettany Hughes, women’s achievements in art, science,… Read More »

10 Celebrities’ Lookalikes Who’ve Confused Thousands

Thousands of people from around the world want to look like their idols. They have plastic surgery, apply the same makeup, and some lucky people have even looked similar to celebrities since birth. While some people try to earn money using their similarities, others don’t like this fact. We at Bright Side are sure that all of us have a doppelgänger somewhere. Ryan Gosling —… Read More »

20+ Fantastic Photos That Shine a New Light on Ordinary Things

Even the most ordinary things are able to amaze us if we look at them from a different angle. We eat with ordinary forks, ride ordinary bikes, and plant flowers in ordinary flower pots. Suddenly it turns out that cutlery can grow longer, like on surrealistic canvases, a bike can go on empty wheels without spokes, while a flower pot turns out to be an aquarium. Internet users often share examples of how… Read More »

What 20 Celebs Looked Like When They Were Kids

Ah, the good old days, when social media, selfies, and filters weren’t even a thought. When Beyonce was merely participating in singing and dancing competitions and Selena Gomez was just starting her career on Barney & Friends. Celebrities are talented and loved by many, but years before the fame they were simply adorable and filled with childhood innocence. Bright Side has… Read More »

A 5-Week Workout That Can Transform Your Body Like a Magic Spell

Summer is just months away, and we’ll be enjoying our vacations soon! But that also means we have to lose our “winter weight” and sculpt our trouble zones for this wonderful season. The sooner, the better, so now is a great time to kick off a magnificent workout aimed at toning up our physical appearance and improving our mood. The Bright Side team has put together a program of exercises… Read More »

13 Strange Bans From Around the World Even the Locals Don’t Understand

Before every trip we take, we always try to read some travel guides to learn more about the place we want to visit. But few people ever wonder what the local laws are. And they should because the things that seem completely normal and ordinary at home may be banned in other countries. For example, you’d better not wear slippers in Capri or dance in the street… Read More »

20 Heavenly Times People Won the Jackpot at Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a lot of fun: they help give back to the community, promote recycling, help you find hidden treasures and you just can’t beat their prices. Best of all, some people even find things that probably wouldn’t be donated if the owners knew better. According to one old legend, filmmakers bought a jacket from a second-hand shop for Frank Morgan to wear in The… Read More »

18 People Who Would Totally Win the “I Fixed It” Trophy

Now and then we all get attacked by pesky little mishaps, like broken things. Getting upset is the easiest thing to do when this happens, but creative thinkers among us would never give in. Using a drawing instead of a broken speed meter or placing Thor’s hammer right onto a car dent are examples of how these types of people will choose to fix a problem or pretend that failure was what… Read More »

18 Clients You Wouldn’t Wish on Your Worst Enemy

Some people believe that customers are always right. And it’s mostly true. But sometimes, there are cases when we just can’t agree with this rule. Bright Side chose the most absurd and illogical cases when clients did something completely unexplainable. 1. “I was not notified!!!” © Misatko / pikabu 2. Customer complaint: “It’s either a very big leaf of basil… Read More »